As contemporary practitioners within the arts, the unfortunate conditions determined through inadequate gallery representation, financially weakened support-networks and the frequent inability to view exhibitions first-hand become substantial hindrances in the establishment of artistic practice. There is distinct awareness of the absence of representation of emerging practising artists nationwide, outwith the constraints set forth by conventional institutional bias. And it is from these very restrictions that the Windfall* editorial establishes itself. Named to reference the lauded Windfall ’91 project – an artist-led exhibition intended to negate the traditional gallery circuit, and catalyse the already on-going conversations between collaborative peers in Scotland and beyond – this publication seeks to become the banner from which networks between emerging artists can be established, developed and maintained. 


Although an argument exists to say that in our information society we can store, record, and communicate all this material through digital platforms and that the ability of the individual outside of institution to promote at near zero financial expense should render this task necessary. It is undeniable that at this current juncture we stand at a point where the access to media and information we are afforded has never been paralleled in terms of breadth and convenience. We can readily access within a matter of seconds academic studies, video interviews and documentation of visual media that span all corners of the globe. The privilege this ability holds is a known and accepted fact of our information society yet perhaps there is something lost - it is of note that whenever volume increases so too does noise. As easy as it is to document, record and publish equally it is to be lost in the continual milieu of digital traffic. 

In producing a high-quality, printed product on a quarterly basis, Windfall* will enable an in-depth examination of the emerging artists’ work and practice through continued discussion, and enforce notions of collectivised strength within the creative industries within one tangible physical object. We, at Windfall*, hope that this will provide a platform from which featured artists’ practice can be engaged with, without bias of geographical setting, and their innovative work championed nationally. Windfall* will exist as a 58-page publication – edition run of 300 – which will feature 4 establishing artists’ work per issue. The feature will facilitate each participating artist critical exposure – both in the print cycle, as well as on the digital, online archive. In tandem with this value to promote and support up-and-coming practitioners, Windfall* holds that all artists featured will be paid for their contribution to the publication. We would like to add additional thanks to the gracious funding support of Visual Arts & Craft Makers Award Dundee for supporting and sharing our vision of a fairer art world.

Without doubt, a definitive precedence has been set by particular bodies of the contemporary art realm. Windfall* challenges this precedence, through embracing and promoting the undervalued, experimental modes of our time. 

Windfall Editorial Team

April 2020

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