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Issue 3 Features: Rosa Park, Kaya Fraser, Kat Zavada & India Boxall


To read samples of the features in Issue 3 plese follow the links bellow:


'Into the whimsical world of reality'

Kirsty Reid explores the fantastical wonders of Rosa Park’s animated world.


'meet me at the grit bin' ​

Elizabeth Ann Day highlights the archival structures and celebratory practice of Kaya Fraser.


'Digital Serf'

Luke Cassidy Greer delves into Kat Zavada’s world of crypto-heavens and digital serfdom.


'vibrations that matter'

Corrie Thomson and India Boxall drift through the vibrating constellations of India’s practice in conversation.

Issue 2 Features: Zoë Marden, Claire Yspol, Daisy Chetwin & Judit Flóra Schuller

To read samples of the features in Issue 2 plese follow the links bellow:

'Tentacular Thinking: It’s What I Live For'

Jamie Steedman discusses writhing tentacles, counterculture, hybridity and collectivity with Zoë Marden.


'A somewhere that is nowhere in particular'

Elizabeth Ann Day dissects the practice of Claire Yspol wherein ephemera meets permanence through digital subversion.


'In-Between Spaces'

Corrie Thomson maps out the evolution of Daisy Chetwin’s practice as an artist and spatial designer.


'From Oblivion to Abstraction'

Luke Cassidy Greer navigates the politics of remembrance and forgetting within the work of Judit Flóra Schuller.

Issue 1 Features: Kirsty Russell, Hannah Gibson, Jamie Watt & Serena Huang.


To read samples of the features in Issue 1 plese follow the links bellow:



Elizabeth Ann Day talks with Kirsty Russell about transforming the home into the studio.​


'Translating the Mark'

Kirsty Reid visits Hannah Gibson in her studio to discuss her interdisciplinary practice.


'Medieval folk, modern motifs'

Luke Cassidy Greer writes an essay exploring the themes, motifs and concepts within the practice of Jamie Watt.​


'The Lives of the Curtain, the Medium, the Fly and the Message: A Play'

Jamie Steedman unpacks the networks of theatre, fiction and collaboration that direct Serena Huang’s practice.



Edition: 175 to 300

Cover: 350gsm Uncoated

Internal: 170gsm Silk

Binding: Perfect Bound Soft Cover

Pages: 58 to 62

Published: 23rd of October 2020, February 26th 2021, 25th August 2021 all by Windfall*

ISSN: 2635-019X

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