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Issue 3 Features: Rosa Park, Kaya Fraser, Kat Zavada & India Boxall


To read samples of the features in Issue 3 plese follow the links bellow:


'Into the whimsical world of reality'

Kirsty Reid explores the fantastical wonders of Rosa Park’s animated world.


'meet me at the grit bin' ​

Elizabeth Ann Day highlights the archival structures and celebratory practice of Kaya Fraser.


'Digital Serf'

Luke Cassidy Greer delves into Kat Zavada’s world of crypto-heavens and digital serfdom.


'vibrations that matter'

Corrie Thomson and India Boxall drift through the vibrating constellations of India’s practice in conversation.



Edition: 175

Cover: 350gsm Uncoated

Internal: 170gsm Silk

Binding: Perfect Bound Soft Cover

Pages: 62

Published: 25th August 2021 by Windfall*

ISSN: 2635-019X

Windfall* Issue 3

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