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Access to a downloadable, digital version of Issue 4 of Windfall*


Issue 4 Features: Alice Martin, Jessica Wetherly, Coral Brookes & Tilly PM


To read samples of the features in Issue 4 please follow the links below:


'Unearth - Prepare - Display'

Kirsty Reid uncovers the archaeological foundations of Alice Martin's visual art practice.


'A suffocation of green'

Jamie Steedman attempts to untangle the intertwined threads of Jessica Wetherly’s excavatory practice.


'Strange Milk'
Corrie Thomson and Coral Brookes use the evocative writing of Claire-Lousie Bennet like a needle to unpick the threads which bind Brooke's practice.


'Synthetic Dreams'
Worlds lit by the blue light of laptop screens, where crustaceans ride the bus and sharks reside in the sewer pipes is where the artist Tilly PM makes their home.



Pages: 58

Published: 29th September 2023 by Windfall*

ISSN: 2635-019X

Windfall* Issue 4 | Digital Copy

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