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Strange Milk '

Corrie Thomson and Coral Brookes use the evocative

writing of Claire-Louise Bennet like a needle to

unpick the threads which bind Brooke’s practice.

Artist: Coral Brookes

Editor: Corrie Thomson

Buoyant. Supple. Malleable. When I came across Coral Brookes work, it was individual words that came to mind. Squishy. Tangled. Playful. I nervously anticipated our first conversation, wondering whether I could ever represent the work accurately when I used my own words.

Brookes is an artist and educator based in Glasgow. She makes paintings, sculptures and drawings which capture a burgeoning interest in creating imagined, fictional landscapes. Brookes opts for mediums which are tactile and encourage playfulness such as clay, plasticine, cement, watercolours and plaster. Imagery and textures within her work are directly and indirectly informed by experiences with solitude, architecture and domestic life. Animated representations of experiences with materials and textures; the unique documentation and understanding of encounters with a place-space-landscape; and an interest with language and the acceptance and embodiment of miscommunication are just a few of the overlapping threads which Brookes follows.

That spot underneath the…. That spot behind the… That spot between the… 

A crack in the pavement. A dog-eared poster on a wall. A single brick protruding further than its companions.


Brookes hoovers up moments in domestic encounters and snippets of her immediate surroundings and muses on them with the material or medium to hand. Instinctive gestures become marks, marks become forms, forms inform other forms and fictional landscapes unfurl. 

This is a sample of one of our issue 4 articles. Issue 4 launches digitally on Friday September 29th, with physical issues available from Thursday October 5th 2023.

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