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Jamie Steedman
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Establishing a very research-oriented methodology, Steedman’s fascination with specific narratives of state history frequently fuse with considerations of political strategy. Recently this has involved a rhetoric interrogating the public swimming pool – from its invitation of different public bodies, state ownership of civic space, the labour/leisure time cycle, and the afterlives of site and place. Through an increasingly pessimistic Scottish outlook on the instabilities of state power and cultural failures, Steedman utilises a frenzied array of sculpture, print, sound, writing and performance to navigate his labyrinthine concerns with speculative utopianism, nostalgia and the performativity of language. 

Past Writing

Issue 1  - 'The Lives of the Curtain, the Medium, the Fly and the Message: A Play​' 

Issue 2 – 'Tentacular Thinking: It's What I Live For'

Issue 3 – 'Editor's Letter'


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